We here at Glerbin Derbin Glass Gallery are highly dedicated to bringing you the best quality glass products and accessories on the market without any hassle. We have a combined 10 years experience in the glass scene and have been fortunate enough to have used and owned a good amount of glass products and accessories that are out on the market today. With that we've decided to only carry products that we personally approve of because we know there are a lot of cheap and poorly made products out there. Also since we've been customers in the industry for over a decade, we know how it feels when a shop has poor customer relations whether it be long response times, not shipping within the given windows, or anything else that could result in negative relations. That being said, we want to provide you with some of the best quality customer service and make sure that you are taken care of just how we would want to be. This is a lifestyle and we want everyone to be able to enjoy it, hassle free, and with the best products.